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Perspective LP

  • Release date: 2012-04-12
  • Label: SMOG Records

Get the 2012 release of Noah D’s album “Perspective,” a 15-track SMOG Records release featuring The Grouch, Truth, Antiserum, Newham Generals, Jahdan Blakkamoore, P Money, and Reva Devito.


1. Walk Alone
2. Just Right (feat. The Grouch)
3. City Skies
4. Let Yourself Go (feat. P Money)
5. Last Breath
6 .My Philosphy (feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore)
7. The Space Between (feat. Truth)
8. Vanish
9. Sirens Song
10. Through the Haze
11. Take Back Control
12. Gonna Get Dark (feat. Antiserum & Newham Generals)
13. Mask & Shadow
14. Clash
15. Through All This

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